LTL 23.1% up to 10 skids or 10000 lbs
TL 54.3 over 10 skids or over 10000 lbs
Effective June 17th  2024

Welcome to Minimax Express Transportation Inc

Your LTL specialist for Ontario and Québec

Established in 1991, Minimax is a privately owned – and family held – Canadian corporation. We offer consistent next day, dependable LTL transportation services in Ontario and Québec.

Our fleet of 100 trucks and 150 trailers, operating out of our 6 strategically located service centers in Cornwall, Ottawa, Belleville, Toronto, Kitchener and Drummondville, Québec guarantee your pickups and deliveries will be done on time and with no incident.

We nurture a business culture that creates a positive and healthy work environment for our team members and provides them with long term job security. As such, we have 180 committed staff, professional drivers, freight handlers and technicians, who will handle your goods with care and professionalism from start to end.

This also translates into a family of team members who work together tirelessly to ensure customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and an overall sense of community.

Our customers awarded us the Shipper’s Choice Award 4 times in the past 4 years, so you know our work ethic is known and appreciated by our business partners.

We are also a Smartway approved carrier, and are fully aware that we must do our best to protect and sustain the environment.

Ontario and Quebec map Minimax Express

Minimax Provides Following Services and Tools


Frustrated with your freight not arriving on time?
Tired of trying to reach someone who cares?
Unhappy with incorrect invoices?


Our network of strategically located service centers ensure your goods are delivered on time. Always.

We don’t use an answering machine. Our Sandler certified customer care specialists will take care of you quickly and efficiently. We answer the phone by the third ring.

We audit every invoice before sending it to you.


We do LTL in Ontario and Quebec and we do it well!


With Minimax Express you get consistent next day, dependable LTL transportation services in Ontario and Quebec.

  • 100 trucks and 150 trailers
  • 6 strategically located service centers
  • 180 dedicated and committed staff
  • Damage free transportation
  • Real time track & trace

Friendly Faces

Our people will give you peace of mind transportation.

Friendly Faces

For 25 years Minimax has consistently delivered outstanding customer service, maintained a strong safety record and built a financially strong company that’s poised to remain a leader in the LTL market.

Behind this success are 180 dedicated and committed staff, professional drivers, freight handlers and mechanics ready to handle you goods from start to end.


Our technology solutions give you peace of mind shipping.


You want to know where your shipments are at all times. At Minimax we are committed to making sure that happens with technology and innovative tools.

  • Place an order online
  • Tracking
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)


Quick and easy way to get the rate estimate you need for your LTL, TL or international shipment


  • LTL Rate Estimate
  • TL Rate
  • Expedited Rate
  • International Freight Rate

Our rate department will be glad to assist you with a rate.

Contact our rate department at 800-465-6657 or

Trace Options (coming soon)

2 options to trace your freight: 'Trace my Freight' and 'Track & Trace'

Trace Options

You have 2 options to trace your freight.

  • The trace my freight option is a non-signed-in access page and will give you limited information.
  • The Track & Trace option will give you access to all the information you need about your shipment.

Both will give you accurate and up to the minute shipment status.

Heated Trailers


Uniformed Drivers




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