At Minimax Express, we believe in providing our customers and future drivers with an accurate portrayal of what life is like as a Minimax truck driver.

Following up on our 2018 blog post, we talked with some of our drivers to bring you part two of our Day in the Life series.

Here’s what it’s like to be a truck driver for Minimax Express:

Get a good start to the day

For our drivers, it’s essential that the day starts off right. Like with any other career, how you begin your day can set the tone for what follows. Many of our drivers start their day early and with a good strong cup of coffee. Safety is the most important thing, so our drivers will check the weather so that they’re prepared for the driving conditions.

Check the truck

Keeping our trucks in great shape and ensuring that they’re in optimal condition for the road is a top priority. Our drivers will give their trucks a detailed inspection to ensure there aren’t any concerns with the vehicle that could cause a danger on the road. While our drivers don’t necessarily load their vehicles, many of them prefer to be there when the trucks are being loaded to ensure that everything is recorded and ready to go before they begin their journey.

Healthy habits

In years past, the truck driving profession had a reputation for contributing to an unhealthy lifestyle. At Minimax, this is no longer true. Many of our drivers believe that taking care of themselves is just as important as taking care of the truck and its cargo. Many of our drivers prefer to pack a lunch rather than pick up fast food. We encourage our drivers to take a 30 minute lunch break so they can stop to eat and stretch their legs. Getting out of the truck and getting even a small amount of exercise helps to maintain focus for the rest of the day.

Customer service

Many people mistakenly overlook the customer service aspect of being a truck driver. Interacting with customers and consignees, and ensuring they are happy with our work, is an important part of being a truck driver at Minimax. For many of our drivers, it’s their favourite part of the day, as they get to meet new people and form relationships.

Freedom of the road

A career as a truck driver can provide you with the perfect combination of structure and freedom. For our truck drivers, nothing compares to the scenery and freedom that comes with driving a truck. They can spend their days doing what they enjoy, and because our drivers are home each night, they have the ability to spend time with friends and family.

At Minimax Express, our drivers are a part of the Minimax family, and they are known by their name, not by a number. Our drivers are the backbone of our business, and we are all committed to providing our customers with safe, secure and reliable service.

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