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January 19th, 2024

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Making choices to help limit your impact on the environment is not always easy.  Something as simple as choosing a reusable water bottle can be confusing.  What is best: glass, metal, or plastic?  No matter, switching to a reusable bottle instead of buying endless amounts of single-use water bottles is healthier for you and [...]

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January 17th, 2024

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Was your New Year's resolution to lose weight?  Alternatively, are you just trying to keep your weight stable during the season of comfort eating?  Starting your day off right can make a huge difference in achieving your goals.  Here are some morning habits that will make a difference. Weight yourself first thing: If you [...]

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January 12th, 2024

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If you are looking for a sugar substitute, you might be aware of Xylitol.  If you are a dog owner, you might also be aware of Xylitol but for different reasons. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that looks and tastes like sugar.  It does not raise blood sugar like real sugar and it has [...]

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January 10th, 2024

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The snow has arrived and that means the presence of natural foliage is gone.  For many of us leaves, flowers, plants, and grasses provide a sense of calm and comfort.  Thankfully, there are indoor plants that can help you to feel calm and happy and provide some other heath benefits. These health benefits include: [...]

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January 3rd, 2024

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Do you want to set some New Year resolutions for yourself?  Many people do.  It is a new year and can be a new start. However, the idea of a “resolution” comes with baggage: the expectation of a major transformation.   Some people are full of optimism and energy looking to break bad habits [...]

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December 22nd, 2023

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Here are three simple things you can do to help improve your health and add years to your life. Hearing Aids:   As we age, our hearing starts to fade.  This can pose challenges to our work life, relationships, and our physical and mental wellbeing.  A recent study found that people with even a [...]

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December 20th, 2023

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The holidays are here and as people's diets change the more complex entertaining can be.  More people are moving toward a vegetarian or vegan diet and that can create extra stress in determining what foods to offer.   Here are some great ideas to help you out and if you want more, check out [...]

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December 15th, 2023

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Sparkling water is often seen as a great alternative to alcoholic drinks or when you want to increase your water intake but just cannot deal with plain boring water.  There is something about the bubbles that makes sparkling water special. However, if you are concerned about dental health you might need to be careful [...]

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December 13th, 2023

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Looking for new desert, cookie, or treat ideas this Christmas?  Or maybe you want some options that are bit healthier.  Here is a list of 20 Christmas treats that have a healthier twist to them but without giving up the joy of Christmas. The recipes range from keto-friendly cookies, to gluten-free cakes, to vegan [...]

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