Yes, e-mail requesting E-mail Notifications


Include as much of the following as you can:

  • Your Minimax Account # or a ProBill # where you are paying for the Order
  • Full Name of Company
  • Full Address of Company
  • E-mail address you want the Notifications sent to.

It can only go to 1 e-mail address so you may need to ask your IT Department to create an E-mail Distribution List if it needs to go to more than 1 e-mail address.


Which E-mail Notifications you want? The following E-mail Notifications are possible:

Order Booked When we enter the Order in our system
Pickup Notification When the Order is picked up and in our truck
Out For Delivery On our truck to be delivered
Delivery Notification When the Order is Delivered
Delivery Appointment Change When the Delivery Appointment is created or changed