Allergy season is here.  Yes, it is early!  You might get a bit of respite during some cold snaps, but that will be temporary unfortunately.   Allergy seasons follow a consistent path.  It starts with tree pollen allergies in the spring, and then it turns to grass allergies in the summer, followed up with ragweed in the fall.  Thanks to the warmer weather, the trees have started to bloom and release pollen ahead of schedule. If this is not happening in your area yet, it will soon enough.  You might want to stock up on allergy medications sooner rather than later as one-quarter of all Canadians suffer from seasonal allergies, which can result in a high demand for allergy medication.  Recently we have experienced longer and more intense allergy seasons, resulting partly from climate change.  If you suffer from seasonal allergies and the over the counter antihistamines and nasal steroids don’t seem to help, talk to your doctor or pharmacist (in Ontario) for other prescription options.  Allergies are not just a nuisance, for some people they can have an impact on quality of life.  It is worth looking into options to ensure you can still enjoy doing the things that are important to you.