The solar eclipse is only 2 weeks away.  The eclipse will take place on April 8th and if you miss it, you will have to wait until 2044 to catch the next one.  Are you ready for this rare event?

One of the things you will need, no matter if you are in a location with a total (Cornwall and Montreal) or 90% (Toronto) eclipse are proper glasses.  Solar eclipse glasses enables you to safely observe the sun or in this case the eclipse without damaging your eyes.  Although you can buy glasses labeled as eclipse glasses almost anywhere these days, many of them are not safe to use.  Always look for ISO certification number ISO-12312-2.  Only glasses with this certification meets the required safety standards.  This means that only a small fraction of light goes through to your eyes because of a special filter used to block out most of the light.  These filters block out 100% of ultraviolet and infrared light, as well as 99.9% of regular light.   Regular sunglasses, tinted car roofs, welder’s glasses, or any other non ISO-12312-2 certified glasses will not protect your eyes and could result in blindness.

The only time when it is safe to look at the sun without glasses is when the eclipse is in its total state. It will be important to know how long the total eclipse will last.  In Mont Royal in Montreal, it will be from 3:26 PM for 1 minute.  In Cornwall, it will be total at 3:25 PM for a total of 2 minutes and 13 seconds. Since most people will not be in a place with a total (100%) eclipse, not wearing certified glasses is not an option.  Check out this link for information on your location:

When looking to buy eclipse glasses, do so from a reputable business and look for the ISO certification number.  They should not cost a lot (about $10.00) or you may be able to grab a free pair in your community. Check out these locations to access free pairs of certified glasses.  In Cornwall, some city facilities (Benson centre and aquatic centre) are selling them at cost.

  1. Toronto– LibrariesUofT studentsWarby Parker Stores
  2. Kingston– Public Libraries, Queens Campus [Link]
  3. Hamilton– Libraries,
  4. Niagara– Fort Erie Locations,
  5. Montreal– Science CenterLibrariesUniversity,
  6. London– Hume Cronyn Observatory on March 23
  7. Brockville – Aquarium