Do you find yourself struggling to get through the afternoon? That mid-afternoon energy slump can hit some people hard.  Thankfully, there are ways to help keep it at bay.  Here are a few:

1)         Eat breakfast:

The best way to keep your energy levels high is to top them up in the morning with a good breakfast. Missing meals means you lower your energy levels, miss out on important nutrients, and often end up over eating later in the day.

2)         Pick High-Energy Carbs:

If you need a quick burst of fuel choose complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, or brown rice.  Add some protein to keep the hunger at bay including nuts, nut butter, or a bit of cheese.

3)         Snack Wisely:

Treat your snacks as mini meals that add to your overall nutrition for the day. Consider snacking on fruits and vegetables to increase your vitamins and mineral intake.

4)         Choose Low-Fat:

Most junk food is high in fat, sodium, and sugar that will make you feel sluggish and bloated.  If you can’t get anything healthy at work, consider packing healthy snacks from home.

5)         Cut Back on Sugar:

Eating sugar can cause a sugar spike and after about 30 mins you’ll experience a significant drop in energy.  Often resulting in grabbing more snacks with sugar creating a vicious circle.

6)         Sleep Well:

Even just one hour less of sleep at night can result in slower mental functioning the next day. Your reactions will be slower and your memory will suffer.  Try to get the needed 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

7)         Keep Your Fluids Up:

Your body needs water to function. When you don’t drink enough water everything in your body slows down.

8)         Get a Caffeine Boost:

Caffeine will give you a short term energy boost.  Keep your caffeine intake to about 400mg per day (about 4 cups of coffee) to ensure you are not over doing it.

9)         Develop An Active Life:

Exercise increases your endurance and strengthens your cardiovascular system.  It will give you more energy for every day tasks. Exercise also helps you sleep better, improves your mood, eases stress, helps with weight control, and strengthens bones and muscles.

10)       Move:

When you feel that afternoon slump coming on, move your body.  Go for a short walk or do some stretching.  Do whatever you can to get the blood flowing.