As people look for ways to minimize pain, aging, and even acne, an emerging treatment is becoming very popular.  Red Light therapy is a remedy for many ailments and new in-home devices are making it easier and therefore even more popular. Red light therapy is a type of photomedicine or photobiomodulation (PBM) and has been around for more than 50 years.  Although in the past, many questioned its validity, recent research has started to show some promise as a valid therapy.   The idea behind it is that a certain wavelength of light heats up the body or tissues from within to produce physiological changes and healing.  For Red Light therapy to work, specific protocols and dosages must be used. It is for this reason that to be successful, a knowledgeable practitioner is essential to establish and guide the treatment.

Although new research looks promising for red light therapy there are still conflicting results and further work is required.  However, given the work done to date it does appear that this therapy can provide some health benefits including:

Youthful Skin:

Red light therapy has shown positive effects on various skin conditions including acne, wrinkles, and redness.

Hair Growth:

Red light therapy aids with hair growth.

Improve Muscular Performance:

Red light theory may help reduce pain, and improve recovery from injury.

Heal Wounds:

The anti-bacterial properties of red light improves the healing of wounds.

Lessen Pain:

Red light affects neurone that transmit pain.  There is some evidence that red light therapy might help with pain associated with conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic low blood pressure, osteoarthritis, and neuropathy.

Decrease Side Effects of Cancer:

If used before cancer treatments, red light therapy may help decrease various side effects such as pain.

Generally, red light therapy is very safe although with the new in-home devices there are risks. It is possible to overuse the devise or use it more frequently than recommended.  It might also worsen migraines symptoms for some users.  It is important to check with your doctor to ensure red light therapy is right for you.  If you want to use it, seek out a reputable practitioner to help guide you.