Long hours behind the wheel of a truck can present all kinds of benefits to a driver. You get to see the country, meet new people, and work in a highly-independent environment. Like anything, however, there are challenges that drivers face, including poor eating habits and eating healthy food while on the road.

At Minimax, we care about the health and well-being of our drivers and have put together five easy-to-implement actions you can take to live a healthier life on the road.

Prepare your meals the night before

This might seem obvious, but meal prepping can be as simple as packing a salad, a can of tuna, some cheese, and some lemon water for lunch. Don’t get caught up in doing meal prepping “right”, instead, focus on making an effort each day to have your meals and healthy snacks with you before the day begins.

Here’s what Rob, a senior member of our team had to say about preparing his meals:

“Every day is different and I cannot always be sure that I will be able to find a place to pull off the highway and take a lunch break. It’s not easy to find parking for a 53′ trailer at restaurants — so I make a point to make a lunch and snacks at home to bring with me for the day.”

Reduce fast food meals

If you are on the road five days a week or more, try limiting yourself to eating fast food only once. If you are able to get into the habit of preparing your meals ahead of time, you’ll be less likely to grab a greasy burger and fries. In the event that a pit stop at a fast food restaurant is necessary, order a salad and bring your own dressing in a mason jar. Try olive oil and vinegar. It’s easy to make and it has no sugar and no carbs!

Eat when you stop driving

If you only eat when you stop driving, you’ll be less likely to go to a fast food restaurant and grab something quickly before getting back on the road. Moreover, stopping to eat will give you a chance to stretch and walk around a bit. After hours on the road, that’s definitely a healthy thing to do!

Limit sugar and boost protein

Coffee with sugar, energy drinks, and carb-heavy meals like pasta will almost certainly guarantee that your energy levels will crash. This is something we know that drivers want to avoid. A quick, protein-packed meal including eggs, spinach, and ground beef in a stir fry, topped with an avocado is a tasty option.

Drink smoothies

Smoothies can be the perfect grab-and-go meal for the morning, or for lunch. Smoothies will allow you to continue to drive if need be and they taste great!

Pro Tip: Whether making a smoothie at home or buying one on the road, pay close attention to the sugar and carbs you’ll be consuming. If possible, go for something higher in protein.

If you’re a driver for Minimax and you have questions about eating healthier on the road, get in touch with us and we can refer you to our nutritionist!