Was your New Year’s resolution to lose weight?  Alternatively, are you just trying to keep your weight stable during the season of comfort eating?  Starting your day off right can make a huge difference in achieving your goals.  Here are some morning habits that will make a difference.

Weight yourself first thing:

If you are going to use a scale, make sure you weigh yourself first thing in the morning after you have a pee/bowel movement.   This is the most accurate time to check your weight.

Drink a glass of water:

Drinking water first thing before breakfast can help you feel full so you may not eat as much.  It will also stimulate your metabolism to help burn calories.

Workout before breakfast:

Get your workout in before life gets in the way.  Working out on an empty stomach may help burn more calories.

Eat a high protein breakfast:

Protein will make you feel fuller longer.  It takes longer to break down protein, which takes more calories to get the job done.

Make a meal plan for the day:

Making and following a meal plan will help keep you on track and minimized over eating or eating the wrong kind of food.

Use measuring cup/spoons:

It is easy to serve out and eat too much. To keep yourself honest with serving size, use your measuring tools.

Practise mindfulness:

Take time while you eat. Appreciate the smell, look, and taste of your meal. Slowing down and focusing on your meal can help you eat less and aid in digestion.

Use a juice glass:

If you drink juice, use a juice glass. You should consume juice in small quantities as it is loaded with sugar.  Using a small juice glass can help you keep to a sensible portion.

Keep your coffee simple:

Avoid having dessert as your coffee.  Keep it simple by taking it black, or use skim milk and minimal sugar.  Better yet switch to green tea for a morning kick and enjoy the other nutrients in green tea that promote health.



Pack your lunch:

Bringing a healthy lunch to work or school will cut down on grabbing unhealthy snacks or lunches that often result in weight gain and feeling sluggish.

Make a shopping list:

Do not go to the store without a grocery list.  Think about what you want to eat over the next few days and buy according to that menu.  Going to the store without a list usually results in buying junk food and ultimately forgetting something important.

Add spice to your breakfast:

Adding heat (chilli sauce/peppers) to your food can help reduce body fat, curb your appetite and boost your metabolism.

Get enough sleep:

Not sleeping enough can impact your workout in the morning, can fuel your appetite, and can result in you reaching for sugary food to try to keep you ‘awake” during the day.