The holidays have ended. Time to get back to work, school, and for some get back to eating a bit healthier.  Gaining a few pounds over the holidays does not have to be a big thing.  It is not as hard as you may think to get back on track, drop the extra weight, and keep it off.  Here are some great tips to make that happen.

Do not wait:

Do not put it off until tomorrow, next week, or next month to get back on track.  Start today with your next meal. If you are going away, have something healthy in the fridge or freezer to have for when you get home.  Start now.

Choose a sugar free drink:

The holidays are full of sugar-laden drinks.  One of the best things you can do is stop drinking sugary drinks.  Focus on drinking water (add a slice of lemon or some berries for flavour) or a hot herbal tea without the sugar.

Cut out the alcohol:

The holidays can be a time for lots of drinking.  Cut back the alcohol as soon as you can.  Alcohol can affect you in many ways.  It is high in calories, it can increase your appetite, and it can affect your decisions, which means it can negatively affect any plans to eat healthy.

Snack on Fruit and Veggies:

The holidays has super yummy snacks and cookies.  Now’s the time to switch over to fruits or vegetables as a snack.  Only snack between meals if you are hungry.

Get Active on the Weekends:

Instead of staying inside and chilling, get out of the house and be active.  Go to gym, take a walk in the park, go tobogganing, or go for a ski.

Plan your Meals:

Planning your meals for the week can make a big difference in how healthy you eat.  When meals are planned out, there is less chance of grabbing something quick (which is usually food that is highly processed or high in fat and sugar.)  It can also save you money, as a well-planned week of meal is cheaper than grabbing something quick on the way home.

Load Up on Veggies:

One of the easiest ways to increase the amount of veggies you eat is to load them up on your plate first.  Plan to have at least half your plate with vegetables.  You can also try using a smaller plate to limit the amount of food in general you eat.

Take a Healthy Lunch to Work:

Not only will you save money but you will eat healthier.  This is a great way to avoid buying fast or over processed foods.

Start Small:

You do not have to change everything right away.  Start with the easier things and make these changes stick.  You will feel better and it will make future changes easier.