Showering has been a part of our daily routine since we were little so chances are we have the routine down pat.  However, you may be doing some common things that are not so go for you. Let us look at some showering mistakes that we should fix right away.

Do not shower everyday:

Showering may be part of your daily routine and many people feel they cannot wake up without taking a shower. However washing too often removes healthy oil and bacteria from your skin resulting in dry itchy skin.  Too much showering can also enable bad bacteria to enter your body through dry, cracked skin.

Minimize the use of antibacterial soap:

Strong antibacterial soap can kill too much good bacteria and allow bad bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics to move in.  Stick with mild soaps with added oils or added moisturizers.  Go for fragrance-free soaps as scented soaps can irritate sensitive skin.

Wash your towel often:

Damp towels are breeding ground for bacteria, yeasts, mold, and viruses.  A dirty towel can cause toenail fungus, jock itch, athlete’s foot, and warts.  Wash your towels at least once a week and make sure it dries thoroughly between uses.

Clean your loofah:

Loofahs are great for scrubbing but they are also the perfect place for germs to hide and multiply. Natural loofahs should be replaced every three to four weeks and plastic once every two months.  Best not to store them in a moist warm shower.  Shake it out and hang it somewhere cool and dry.

Ease up on the heat:

A long hot shower feels so good especially in the winter but it can dry your skin leaving it itchy. Keep the water warm and stick to a 5-10 minute shower.

Do not wash your hair every day:

Unless your scalp is very oily, you do not need to wash your hair every day. Daily hair washing will dry out your hair.  As you get older, your scalp produces less oil so you should wash your hair less often.

Keep the shower safe:

Install a grab bar in the shower to help prevent falls.  Use non-slip shower/bath mats as well.

Do not forget the showerhead:

Your showerhead is a breeding ground for bacteria.  When the water runs, the bacteria enters the air where you breathe it in.  Remove the showerhead and clean it with boiling water.



Use a moisturizer:

The best time to use a moisturizing cream or lotion is right after a shower to trap the water into your skin.  Use it right after you towel off.

Soap is not needed everywhere:

Limit using soap to your armpits, groin, feet, hands, and face.  Use only warm water for the rest of your body unless you are particularly dirty.

Turn the fan on:

The bathroom can get very humid which can damage the woodwork and dry wall as well as breed mold and bacteria.  Use a bathroom fan or vent every time you use the shower and leave it on until the humidity is all gone.

Wash your shower curtain:

Bacteria can live on shower curtains and the soap scum that can build up is pretty gross.  Best to clean or change your shower curtain regularly.