The time has changed and winter is on its way.  For some that is a depressing thought.  The cold, short days with little sunlight and the stress of the holidays can all lead to burn out and the winter blues.  If you are not a winter person, here are some tips to help manage this time of year.


Do not be bogged down with negativity.  Meditation can really help with this.  It can help clear your head and refocus your thoughts.  Try a short 10min meditation exercise to help life your mood.

Take Care Of Yourself:

Schedule some “you” time even if it is just to enjoy a cup of tea, read a book, call a friend, or sit under a sun lamp.

Focus On Others:

Forget about how cold it is or how dark it is; connect with people in your life.  Reaching out and being kind to others can improve your mood.

Shake It Up:

If you find there is a certain time of the day that your mood changes and you get into a slump, consider shaking things up a bit.  Go for a walk, hit the gym, or do some meditation.  Do something that pumps you up to get you out of the slump and make it a habit.

Keep It In Perspective:

Winter can be tough for some people.  Be aware of how you feel and reach out to friends or medical experts to help you out.  Remember winter is temporary.  Spring will return and you will appreciate it even more.