Halloween can be lots of fun, and it can come with lots of challenges.   Finding the right costume, decorating your home just right, and celebrate the day with children can be overwhelming.  Add candy with the associated sugar rush and a fun day can turn into a nightmare.   Excitement and sugar causes tired, grouchy kids (and adults). Planning and being a bit creative can help manage the day and keep everyone happy and a little bit healthier.  Check out these tips.

Choose bite size candy over full size:

Yes, you might be the hero of the neighbourhood handing out the full size chocolate bars but in reality, they get so much that when they dump the bag of candy on the floor it is just part of a bigger pile of bars and bags.  Going for the smaller sizes allows more variety and the kids can choose their favourites.  Smaller bars also help regulate the amount of sugar they consume. Allowing one candy before dinner is a healthier idea when it is a small candy instead of a full sized bar.

Consider having healthy snacks on hand:

Have some fun, healthy Halloween themed snacks accessible.  This might help them fill up with healthier food and limit the amount of sugar consumed.  Check out these Spooky Pretzel Spider Snacks: https://www.patriciabannan.com/recipes/spooky-pretzel-spiders-with-california-figs/  or this Halloween Fruit and Nut Witch Platter: https://www.patriciabannan.com/recipes/nutty-halloween-witch/

Hand out candy alternatives:

No one wants to be “that house” with the yucky candy but what about the house that hands out some fun Halloween themed toys and things. Considered things such as spider rings they can wear with their costume, Halloween pencils for school, tattoos, bubbles, and stickers.   For bigger gifts consider Halloween themed Frisbee’s, hacky sacks, or Lego.

Serve dinner or snacks before trick or treating:

Do not let your kids go out hungry.  If you cannot have dinner before hand make sure, they have a nutritional snack.  Keep it fun and festive and part of the whole Halloween experience. If they eat before, hopefully they will not eat as much candy along the route.  Here are some fun ideas.  https://www.patriciabannan.com/recipes/healthy-halloween-monster-bites/  https://www.patriciabannan.com/recipes/avocado-halloween-pumpkin-balls/

Have a plan for the candy:

Establish some boundaries and talk about how to handle all the candy before hand. Maybe it is a quota of candy per day (4-5 pieces per day).  Teach your kids to save and enjoy the treats over time.   Consider a time limit for keeping it around and have a game plan on what to do with leftovers.

Halloween does not have to be all about candy. Establish some new and nutritious traditions now that with help keep the kids happy and not loaded with less sugar.