How do you make your coffee?  Do you go modern with a Keurig or Nespresso machine?  Alternatively, are you more traditional using a French Press, Moka Pot, or a drip coffee maker?   Baristas all have their opinions on what method is best but in the end the best method is the one that works for you and provides you with a great tasting cup of coffee to your taste.  Here is a look at different ways of making coffee.

Drip Coffee Maker:  

The drip coffee maker is convenient and easy.  You can make a big batch of coffee quickly.  The draw back is everyone gets the same flavour and strength of coffee.   To get the most out of a drip coffee maker use freshly ground beans (course grind), filtered water, and as a starting point use a ration of 1 – 16 (16 grams of water for each 1 gram of coffee).

French Press:

The French Press will give you a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee.  The coffee grounds are soaked in the water instead of the water passing through the coffee, giving it a creamier flavour and less watery.  For a French Press you need a courser grind and the water should not be boiling but at approximately 90C (194F). This temperature will allow the flavour to come through and not burn the coffee.  Use the coffee as soon as it is ready.  Do not let it sit.  A French Press will only make one or two cups of coffee so it can be adapted to different tastes.

The Aeropress:

This is an excellent coffee maker for travelling.  A compact brewing device that works similar to a syringe. The plunger in a cylinder forces the water through the grounds and through a filter straight into your cup.  This method is compact, lightweight, and perfect for a single cup.

Espresso Machine:  

If you like extremely strong coffee then you might want to consider getting a dedicated espresso machine.  You make an Espresso by forcing a small amount of water under extreme pressure through finely ground beans resulting in a super concentrated coffee.

The Moka Pot:

The Moka Pot will produce a strong cup of coffee. Similar to an espresso machine, pressurized boiling water passes through ground coffee.  The result is a rich, flavourful, and highly concentrated cup of coffee.  It takes a bit of practice but the result is worth it.

Cold Brew:

You make cold brew coffee is made by soaking coffee ground in cold or room temperature water for 16 to 24 hours. It is slow but the results will give you a smooth, heavy-bodied cup of coffee.   You can make flash-brew iced coffee by taking regularly hot brewed coffee and pouring it over ice.