Have you heard of mewing?  Chances are if you are a TikTok or YouTube follower, you have seen something about it.   Mewing claims to be a facial reconstructing technique that involves keeping your tongue on the roof of your mouth to change the shape of the jawline.   Some claim this will make you more attractive, help with jaw pain, breathing, or sleep apnea.   The technique of mewing involves keeping your mouth closed, have your tongue touching the roof of your mouth, keep your lips pressed together, and have your top and bottom teeth touching or almost touching.

Mewing is not a medical term.  This term was popularized via social media and is derived from Dr. John Mew who first developed the method in the 1970’s.  This was part of his alternative orthodontic practise that he called orthotropic.  John Mew’s son, Mike Mew has continued to promote the technique into the trend it is today.  However, the orthodontic community and the General Dental Council has stripped John Mew of his dental license for unconventional practices.  Mike Mew was expelled from the British Orthodontic Society. Unfortunately, the influence of the internet has kept this unorthodox practice alive.

There is no credible research that proves mewing can permanently alter your jaw structure or treat various health issues.  Most of the claims come from the doctor who first promoted this technique.  In fact, trying to change your jaw structure without the proper medical guidance can result in further problems to your facial bones, and connective soft tissue.

If you are experiencing jaw pain, your first step is to see doctor and/or an orthodontist to get the proper treatment. If you are unhappy with the shape of your jawline, you will need to see a cosmetic surgeon.

Bottom line; do not believe everything you see on TikTok or YouTube especially when it comes to your health.