More and more people are trying and loving weighted blankets and for good reason.  It is like being in a big hug.  In fact, a weighted blanket can be very comforting and beneficial to your health.

Weighted blankets can help lower stress.  When we are stressed, our heart beats very fast and our breathing tends to increase and become shallow.  In these situations, we need to find ways to help calm things down.  Deep breathing exercises and meditation can help, but so can a weighted blanket.  The gentle pressure on your body can help calm you and lower your heart rate – this is known as pressure therapy.

Weighted blankets can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, sleep disorders, ADHD, and autism.  The weighted blankets help put your body in to rest mode which helps calm a quicken heart rate or fast breathing.  The weight of the blanket can also help refocus your senses away from other stimuli, such as sounds, back to the comfort of the weight that has enveloped you.

Weighted blankets come in all shapes, sizes and materials.  Some are just a few pounds, which is good for children, while others can be 20 pounds or more. Many blankets are weighted with plastic pellets but there are other more sustainable weighted blankets that are safer for the environment.

If you struggle with stress or anxiety trying a weighted blanket might help you and enable you sleep better.