August is summer veggies harvest time with so many vegetables coming into season.  We often do not eat enough vegetables in a day and really, there is no excuse this time of year to get your fill.  Vegetable taste best when they are fresh whether we grow them ourselves or buy them at the farmer’s market.    If you are like me, I will pack the fridge with fresh vegetables and then wonder how I am going to eat them all.  Here are some tips help with that problem.

Add vegetables to breakfast:

Add vegetables to omelettes, frittatas, and toast (think tomatoes, spinach and avocado). Add veggies to your smoothie or try scrambling some eggs with some broccoli and mushrooms.

Add extra vegetables to recipes:

Adding extra veggies to spaghetti sauce, pizza, and rice can add a nice flavour to the meal. Add extra zucchini, pumpkin, or squash to quick breads. Alternatively, spice up a grilled cheese.

Use veggies as a snack:

Use up your carrots and cucumbers by dipping them in hummus for a mid day snack. Alternatively, cut up some celery with peanut butter. You can also make vegetable chips using Kale or root veggies such as beets (although the cooking time will be about twice as long as for kale)

Use vegetables in place of noodles:

Swap the pasta out for some spiralled sweet potato, carrots, zucchini or beets.

Put your veggies on the top shelf of the fridge:

Put them front and centre in clear containers where you can see them and use them. Clean them and cut as soon as you bring them home so they are ready for use when you want them.

Eat salad at every meal:

Having your veggies cut up and ready for use makes building a salad is quick and easy.