With so many storms rolling through this summer, this might be a good time to remind people what to do if a storm is coming your way.

The most important thing to remember is if you hear thunder, you are within striking distance of lightening.  Take shelter right away ideally in a building or all metal vehicle (not a convertible).  If you are indoors, stay away from electrical appliances and equipment, doors, windows, fireplaces and other things that can conduct electricity such as sinks, tubs, and showers.  If you are in a car, do not park under trees or other tall objects.  If downed power lines are near your car, do not get out.

If you are far away from shelter, stay away from tall objects such as trees, poles, wires, and fences. Get to a low-lying area such as a valley, ditch, or depression in the ground (just watch for flooding)

If you are on the water in a small boat with no cabin, get to shore as soon as possible. If your boat has a cabin, you are a bit safer but should still try to get to shore.

Once you are safe, wait 30 minutes from the last rumble of thunder before resuming any outdoor activities.