Ah Valentine’s Day, either you love it or you hate it. For many who find themselves without a significant other, Valentine’s Day can be a cruel reminder of being alone.  Although you cannot change your relationship status over night, you can still make Valentine’s Day a day to remember.  Here are some great ideas:

Make yourself a care package:  

Fill a box or basket with some of your favourite things to enjoy on Valentine’s Day.

Go shopping:

If shopping is something that makes you feel good, then go for a little shopping spree and spoil yourself.

Plan a fun night with friends:

Get your single friends together and do something fun. 

Make a list of at least three things you love about yourself:  

Whatever it is a part of your body, something about your personality, or a skill/talent, write it down and show yourself some love.

Spa night:  

Have an at home spa night and spoil yourself with a bubble bath, face masks, candles, wine, etc.

Get pampered:

Book a massage, manicure/pedicure, or get your hair done.  Let someone take care of you.

Do something for yourself:

Do something that makes you happy.  Go to a yoga class, dance to loud music, go for a walk, whatever it is, do something that you love.

Wear something that makes you feel good:

Wear your favourite jeans, shoes, jewelry.  Whatever makes you feel good, wear it!

Take some down time:  

Do not worry about taking care of others, set some time aside for yourself.  Binge-watch your favourite shows, read your favourite book, or do whatever you love to do to relax.

Buy some chocolate and flowers for yourself:

Loving yourself is the most important thing in the world.  Show yourself some love.