Family day is a week away.  Do you have a family fun day planned?  If not, consider the following ideas:

Backyard Winter Games:

Get your kids’ friends over for relay races or obstacle courses.  Get the toboggans out for downhill sled races and include a running race to the top of the hill.  Have a snowman-building contest.  Do not forget the homemade medals and prizes.

Snow Painting:

Mix a few drops of food colouring into water to make snow paint and let the artist in your kids come through.  Put the “paint” in old condiment bottles or water bottles that will allow the kids to squeeze out the “paint” to make designs.

Play tourist in your own town:

Plan a day exploring places in your own town be it museums, parks, trails, or ice rinks. Warm up in the car with hot chocolate and snacks as you drive to the next stop.

Create a family portrait:

Bring out the crayons/markers, paper, and let your kids create a family portrait.  Have frames handy to display the art and hang them proudly on the wall.  Add to the wall each year by making this a family tradition.

Host an indoor beach party:

If the weather is particularly bad outside, stay in and have a beach party.  Decorate your living/family room with photos, seashells, beach umbrellas, etc.  Play beach/surf tunes, sip on some fruit smoothies and dress for the beach.  Play games such as a hula-hoop competition, a limbo, or a balloon beach volleyball competition.

Build a blanket fort:

Use chairs, pillows, and blankets to create a fort or tent.  Pretend you’re camping and have some hotdogs and hot chocolate with marshmallows.  Take it a step further by having a sleep over in the fort/tent.