When we suffer from allergies, lack of sleep, stress, or when we stare at a digital screen for too long, we can get tired eyes.  Tired eyes usually results in puffy or swollen, bloodshot, or irritated eyes.  Many of us just put up with it and consider it a part of busy lives.  Thankfully we don’t have to do that.  There are some simple things we can do to help relieve or avoid tired eyes.

Take breaks from the digital screens:

We are overwhelmed with digital screens including phones, tablets, computers, vehicles, and TVs. Taking both short and long breaks can do wonders for your eyes and health in general. Take mini breaks following the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes look away from your computer at something that is 20 feet away for 20 sec.  That alone will allow your eye muscles to relax.  For longer breaks, get up, stretch, and walk away from your screens (don’t just turn your attention away from one screen to another!)

Avoid allergy triggers:

Being around allergens will release histamine in your body.  Histamine causes blood vessels to dilate and your eyes and nose to feel itchy and irritated. This will also cause swelling which makes your eyes look puffy and tired.  Avoiding allergens will help keep the reactions down.  If you can’t avoid them, take an antihistamine to help relieve the swelling and redness.

Keep your eyes hydrated:  

You may be getting tired eyes from dryness.  Dry eyes can be caused by many factors including age, some medications, too much screen time.  Blinking can help keep your eyes moist.  Of course, if you are not properly hydrated you might not have sufficient tears.  Drink plenty of water to get the tear ducts working better. If that still isn’t enough, you may need to use artificial tears. There are different types, so best to talk to your doctor about the kind that is best for you.

Apply warm and cold compresses:

Not only does this relieve tired eyes, it feels great! It doesn’t address the underlying problem but it feels too good to ignore. Place a warm compress over your eyes to relax the eye muscles. Then place a cold compress to increase blood flow.  This will reduce the puffiness and make your eyes look more alert and awake.

Make sure your eye prescriptions are up to date:

Tired eyes could be the result of using an outdated vision prescription.  If it has been a while since you had your eyes checked book an appointment.  Since eyes change over time, it’s best to get an eye exam every 2 years.