Often couples blame each other for a poor night’s sleep citing snoring, stealing the covers, tossing and turning.  Truth is, it is not always easy sleeping in the same bed as someone else. Sometimes it is best to accept the situation and opt out for a sleep divorce. It may sound drastic but it is really only about sleeping in two separate beds.  It is not an end to your partnership and in fact, it could make it stronger.

A sleep divorce can help you tailor your sleep to fit your needs.  It could allow you to sleep on the right type of bed, with the right temperature, and ambience. Resulting in a better night sleep for each of you.

Poor sleep can lead to more fights and lack of patience.  If each of you get a good sleep, it will help improve your mood and lower fatigue and stress.  Ultimately, this will strengthen your relationship.

A sleep divorce does not mean a permanent move to different beds or different rooms.  Maybe it is just some key nights of the week before big meetings or when one partner needs to stay up late or get up early.  Being apart could even lead to spontaneous intimacy and create a spark to the relationship.

A sleep divorce has to be a mutual agreement and done for the right reasons.  You should discuss your sleeping habits with your spouse about improving them.  Test out a sleep divorce a few times and see if that makes an improvement.  It might make a world of different to your health and your relationship.