If you eat salmon, you would know you have choices.  You can buy wild salmon or farmed salmon. However, what is the difference?  Let us look:

Farmed Salmon:

  • Usually Atlantic salmon has different nutritional values than sockeye salmon.
  • Contains more Omega-3 fatty acids
  • 16 times more pollutants
  • Some farmers add pigmenting compounds to the feed to ensure the salmon have that natural pink coloured meat
  • Farming practices can lead to an increase in parasites which can impact wild salmon (if the farmed fish are able to escape their netted area)
  • As much as 20% of farmed salmon die before they are harvested (as compared to 5% in chicken farming and 3.3% for cattle)
  • 70% of Canada’s farmed salmon comes from BC

Wild Salmon:

  • Fewer calories and half the fat content of farmed Atlantic salmon
  • Can cost 4 times as much as farmed salmon
  • Atlantic salmon live off the coast of the Atlantic ocean, Chinook salmon are found around BC and the pacific northwest, Pink and Sockeye salmon are found in the Fraser River to Alaska.