Although there is still a month of summer left, many parents and teachers are looking ahead to the new school year.  Setting your children up for a successful school year takes planning and time.  Here are some great tips to help you get ready.


Children need space to study and do homework. Their bedroom is the ideal location but that is not always feasible. Wherever the location, the workspace needs to be clean, quiet, and with minimal distractions.  Consider a place with natural lighting as well as task lamps.  Consider setting up a family learning room, where people can go to read, do research on the computer, or work on homework.  If you have a large closet, why not turn it into a small workspace.


Consider getting your student a laptop so they can have a couple of choices for work locations within the house.  For younger kids (K-2) consider getting a laptop with a touchscreen as some kids take a while to master a keyboard and mouse.   A digital stylus pen is also a useful tool for younger students. Getting a spill resistant keyboard is another good option to minimize replacement costs.  For older students a bigger screen will help with video calls and having multiple applications/screens open at one time. Remember reliable and fast internet service will be critical.

Routine and organization:

Setting a routine is key for both students and parents.  Get the students into the habit of organizing their backpacks with homework and books the night before school.  If they take lunch to school, have them prepare it before going to bed. The next day’s clothing can also be set out the night before.  Ensure you have a dedicated spot near your home’s main entrance to keep the backpacks ready for heading out the door and a designated spot in the fridge for overnight storage of lunch bags.