It’s wild blueberry season and there is a reason why this is one of the favourite foods of black bears!  These tiny berries are packed with deliciousness and nutrients.  Do not be fooled by their larger cousin, there is a big difference between a wild blueberry and a cultivated blueberry.

Cultivated blueberries that you find in the grocery store come from high bush plants that have been designed for easier cultivation. They are much bigger than the wild version but with less flavour.  Wild blueberries are found in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and Northern Ontario and have a much sweeter, tangier taste than their larger cousins.

Wild blueberries are one of the few legitimate super foods.  Wild blueberries have nearly twice as many antioxidants than cultivated berries.  You can also enjoy the benefits of wild blueberries without the worry of gaining weight as 1 cup of these little nuggets is only 80 calories.

Wild blueberries are not always easy to come by.  They are only found growing in certain areas of Canada and for a few weeks of the year. However, they are just as good frozen as they are fresh.  None of the nutritional values or flavour is lost by freezing and they can last up to two years in the freezer.

If you get your hands on some wild blueberries here are a few recipes to try:

Wild Blueberry tarts:

Venison Medallions with Wild Blueberry Sauce:

Wild Blueberry Pie: