Are you a fan of seltzer?  If so, with summer here, you might be drinking a bit more of it than usual.  Unfortunately, drinking seltzer may be irritating your bladder.  Having the odd drink of seltzer is ok but sipping on it everyday and all day can cause some problems.

The carbon dioxide used in seltzers and some sparkling waters can irritate the liner of the bladder.   Drinking a lot of water that has been carbonated using carbon dioxide can result in bladder pain as well as urgency and frequency of urination.  This is especially true for people who already have a sensitive bladder.

If you experience bladder related problems and drink more than one glass of seltzer a day, try backing off the seltzer to see if that alleviates the symptoms.  If it does, you are in luck, as that is an easy fix to a urinary health issue.  Best to talk to your doctor or health care professional for guidance on how to deal with bladder health.  Talking to an urologist might help a great deal in alleviating any problems or concerns.