You are tired, you have had a long day and all you want is to go to sleep and have a good night sleep.  However, as soon as your head hits the pillow your mind starts racing and you cannot stop thinking about everything that you need to be do.  Soon the anxiety sets in and you are worrying about everything.  Anxiety and trouble sleeping go hand in hand.  In fact, people who suffer from insomnia are 10-20 times more likely to have anxiety or depression.  Sleep loss affects the part of the brain that is linked to anxiety, whereas a good sleep can decrease anxiety.

One of the easier fixes for this is using positive nighttime affirmations.  Affirmations change neural connections in your brain to create a more positive self-view and build resiliency. Focusing on positive things right before bed can help decrease anxiety and allow you to sleep better.

Here are two ways to incorporate positive affirmations into your sleep routine.   These routines can take anywhere from one to five minutes.  You can go longer if you have had a particularly tough day.

The Mantra Routine:

1)   Get into bed but leave the light on

2)   Journal one to three affirmations (“I am good enough”, “I am worthy”, “I deserve good things”)

3)   Turn the lights off and get into your comfortable sleeping position

4)   Close your eyes and repeat the statements you just wrote.  You can also visualize what your statement looks like to you.

5)   Repeat your manta until you fall asleep

The Gratitude Affirmation:

1)   While in bed, think about five things you are grateful for.  They can be very simple things (like your morning cup of coffee) or big  (scoring that big new job) or personal (your best friend)

2)   In your head, repeat these five things

3)   Repeat step 1 – 2 for as long as it feels good/calming or you fall asleep