Spring has arrived and with it numerous health benefits. Most of us feel happier and more energized once spring arrives but that’s just the start of the good things the arrival of spring can do.

Desire to be more active:

Our bodies are programmed to react to light.  When it’s dark our bodies respond by wanting to rest.  When it’s light out, our brain tells our bodies to get active.  Not only does the light have an impact on our activity level but the idea of being outside in the warm sun can increase our motivation to get outside.

Increased Vitamin D:

Vitamin D deficiency is a concern in the winter months.  Without the right amount of this vitamin we can end up with aching bones, brain fog, and dark moods. With the sun staying up for longer in the day it gives us a chance to get more exposure to Vitamin D.

Increased time with friends:

With the arrival of spring, people tend to come out of hiding and socialize more.  Spending more time with people we like is not only good for us socially and mentally but also physically as we tend to be more active when we meet up with friends.  So grab a friend and do a lunch hour walk, or post work hike in your local park.

Gardening for your health:

From smelling the roses to pulling up weeds, gardening can decrease blood pressure, increase brain activity, and produce a sense of well-being.  Take the time now to plan out your garden and get out and play in the dirt as soon as you can.

Bath in nature:

With the extra hours of sunlight and the arrival of all thing green and lush, it’s time to immerse yourself in nature. Fill your lungs with fresh air, watch the trees and plants explode with green, and allow nature to ease stress and enhance your mood.