As the weather gets cold, families tend to spend more time indoors.  Keeping everyone entertained can be a bit tough. Next time you are home-bound due to a snowstorm or extreme cold consider the following activities to keep everyone happy.

Build A Fort:

Grab some clips, blankets, sheets, pillows and build away.  Put some books, magazines, and games inside to make it a perfect hangout for the kids and adults.

Have a Bake-Off:

Divide your family into teams and pick some recipes.  Assign judges and have prizes for the winners.

Hot Cocoa Bar:

There’s nothing better than hot chocolate on a cold, snowy day.  Set up a table with hot-cocoa packets, favourite mugs, and marshmallows or other toppings.

Set up a Gaming Zone:

Clear a space in your living room and set up tables and chairs for a place to play card games, legos, or other games.  Invite friends and set up a tournament.

Hold a Scavenger Hunt:

Write out clues to help family member find items around the house.  Consider using riddles or trivia questions for adults to solve in order to find the objects.