Want to get more active but are not sure how to start? Here is some tips to help you out.

Set realistic, specific, short-term goals:

Do not just commit to exercise more, give yourself some specific goals like being active for 30 minutes three times a week. Identify the days and time you will dedicate for your activity. Keep it simple and realistic.  Do not plan to run 10k in the first week, start by power walking and build up.

Set a schedule and stick to it:

Pick the days and times for your activity and commit to it for each week.  Make it a part of your weekly routine and make it as important and other priorities.

Have a Plan B:

Life can get in the way; maybe you have a doctor’s appointment during your walk time.  When that happens have a backup plan or backup date and time.

Pick an activity you enjoy:

Your new goal will be much more achievable if it is something you enjoy.  Maybe it is a walk with friends, a run in the woods, your favourite spin class, or favourite yoga video.  Whatever activity you decide upon make sure, you enjoy that activity.

Set yourself up for success:

Minimize excuses or barriers to getting your activity done by having everything ready ahead of time.  Set out your clothing or equipment before hand so when you get up or get home from work, everything is ready for you and in an obvious place where you cannot ignore it.