There are some tell tale signs if your body is not moving enough to keep it healthy.  Movement is required to ensure the body functions properly and if you limit that movement, your body will tell you in ways that might surprise you.  Here are some key signs to look for if your lifestyle is getting a bit too sedentary.

You are Constipated:

Having your bowels backed up is often caused by three key factors; not enough fibre, not enough water, and not enough movement. Lying down or sitting all day will stop bowel movements.  Try to take a walk periodically during your day and make a point of getting up and stretching various times throughout the day.

Muscle Tightness:

The more you move and stretch your body, the more flexible your muscles will be.  When you stop moving, muscles will harden and tighten up like an old rubber band.  Range of motion will become shorter and everyday movements will become difficult and uncomfortable.   If you are having problems picking things up off the floor or doing some basic every day actions consider spending a few minutes each day stretching and moving.  Consider some of these stretches and exercises:

Stiff Joints:

Your joints contain a lubricant called synovial fluid.  This fluid helps keep your joints moving smoothly and without pain.  When you do not move enough your body does not produce as much synovial fluid as it should, making it harder for your joints to move smoothly.  This is often what causes the creaky feeling you get in the morning.  Adding a bit of walking into your day can help get the production back in line and joints moving better.

You Get Winded:

If you find you cannot walk up the stairs or walk around the grocery store without being winded then you need a bit more cardio in your life.  Being winded by simple actions is a sign your heart and lungs are not used to pumping blood and working above a sedentary state.  Keeping your body active and moving more frequently will keep your heart and lungs conditioned to do the work it needs to do when you are doing your day-to-day activities.

You are In a Sad or Bad Mood:

Lack of exercise could be one reason why your mood has worsened.  There are many reasons why your mood might change but exercise is one of the reasons that you have control over.  Regular exercise causes your body to produce and release endorphins (happy hormones) Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body that makes you feel a bit happier and calmer.  A simple walk each day can make a world of difference.