Properly loading and unloading freight is integral to our continued success at Minimax. It ensures that the truck you’re driving is loaded safely, which safeguards against our drivers getting injured on the job and it allows us to deliver damage-free products to our customers.

Here are five great safety tips for loading and unloading freight:

1. Distribute weight evenly

Having a well-balanced pallet and trailer will prevent against the tipping or falling over of the pallet or product. Remember to place the heavier objects on the bottom of the pallet and the lighter object on top, and double-check that no boxes are misaligned or overhanging. Let the pallet act as a bumper for forklifts or pallet jacks, not the packages!

2. Use cardboard corner beads

Cardboard corner beads- image of box with yellow strapping

Cardboard corner beads protect against the misalignment of boxes on a pallet while simultaneously ensuring the protection of our customers’ products by protecting the corners of boxes from strapping.

3. Use straps

Strapping the pallet with nylon or metal strapping will add an extra level of assurance that whatever is on the pallet will stay on the pallet during transportation.

4. Shrink wrap properly

Don’t skimp out on shrink wrap! Make sure the pallet is wrapped four or five times with a particular focus on the bottom of the pallet where a shift in product could result in uneven weight distribution. If you need extra strength when wrapping, twist the shrink wrap as you make your away around the pallet.

5. Utilize load protectors

A load protector is a flat, empty piece of cardboard that can be placed every few rows to stabilize loose boxes while also helping with weight distribution.

Providing information and training to safely load and unload freight helps to ensure the safety of our drivers. Read more about Minimax Express’ truck driver safety tips on our blog.