At Minimax Express, the safety of our team members is our priority. We know that truck driving involves training, agility, patience, and a high degree of common sense.

Safety plays a big role in loading and unloading freight, in driving in all sorts of weather, and when dealing with the unexpected. Here are a few key truck driving safety tips:

#1- Stay Alert

Driving a tractor trailer is a serious undertaking that requires you to be alert at all times. We all know that it’s important to keep your eyes on the road (and all around you), but it’s also important to look far ahead down the road so you can be aware of any potential issues like traffic congestion, accidents, exits, etc.

The key to staying alert is getting your rest. Getting a proper night’s sleep before driving plays an important role in road safety. If you’re fully rested, you will have better reaction time when responding to road conditions and driving situations, and you will be more confident at the wheel.

#2- Load carefully

Loading and unloading freight is a big part of a truck driver’s day-to-day. Be sure to take the time to ensure that all your cargo is loaded securely and won’t shift during transportation.

Making sure that your load is evenly balanced and strapped down will allow your items to be delivered without damage and without personal incident.

If someone else has loaded your freight for you, take a few minutes to check the strapping, chains, binders, and tie downs yourself. If anything needs fixing, be sure to take a few extra minutes and make any necessary adjustments to secure the freight.

#3- Be patient

We know that you have many deliveries and pick-ups to do in a day, but your safety (and the safety of others on the road) takes priority. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind:

  • Rushing and speeding are dangerous and should be avoided.
  • Leave lots of space in front of your trailer — a buffer zone.
  • Stay in your lane as much as possible and avoid changing lanes unless necessary.
  • Be cautious in construction zones and curves — drive slowly.
  • Take breaks and check your rig. When you pull off for nature’s call, to eat, or to rest, take a few minutes and walk around your trailer to check that everything is as it should be.

There are lots of tips to keep in mind while driving like checking the weather reports, watching your GPS, and avoiding traffic. Truck driving is a serious job and we encourage all drivers to take their safety seriously too.

For more safety tips and truck driving information, contact Minimax Express.