Winter is right around the corner and as heavy-duty commercial truck drivers and logistics personnel, no one is more acutely aware of the obstacles the snow season presents to drivers.

Earlier this year, the Ontario Provincial Police reported that transport truck collisions were up 37.5% this year to last, which is a trend we hope to reverse going forward.

Here are some winter driving tips that’ll help you and your load get to and from your destination safely.

1. Prior to departure

Before you hit the road, ensure you have the essentials: winter work gloves, a first aid kit, emergency kit, a high-visibility safety vest, road flares and pylons, healthy snacks and an up-to-date atlas.

We wrote a blog that features a master list of must-haves for every truck driver. Make sure to check it out.

2. While driving

Leave lots of space. We all know this lesson from Driving School 101, but it still happens so frequently on our roadways. writes, “When the snow is so heavy, visibility is low, seeing the tail lights of the vehicle ahead…means following too closely.”

Here is a visual representation of how long it takes a car and a truck to come to a dead stop when ttravellingat roughly 105 km/h (65mph).

Keep in mind: this visual representation assumes the conditions on the road are ideal. The roads in Ontario and Quebec during the winter months are far less than ideal.

3. If you need to, pull over

If you can avoid it, do not pull over to the side of the road in a low-visibility situation. The lines between driving lanes and the shoulder can often be invisible during snow storms. If you need to pull over, exercise extreme caution when exiting your vehicle.

4. After your drive

Clean off the tractor-trailer lights of your vehicle. Snow and slush can accumulate on your lights, which reduces your visibility to the drivers around you.

5. Most importantly

Slow down. Don’t put the public or yourself into harm’s way. Take your time navigating winter roads and make sure your day ends with you arriving home safely to your family and friends.

Remember what our vision is: “To be the most dependable provider of logistics services in North America.”

Our dependability relies on the safety and reliability of our Minimax drivers.

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For more information on how to prepare for winter driving, check out this blog.